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Arlo the Armadillo – Allen Designs Clock


Add a touch of the wild to your home with this delightful armadillo pendulum clock. Perfect for armadillo lovers, this clock features an intricate armadillo design that is sure to capture your attention. The pendulum swings back and forth, adding an element of motion to the piece, while the accurate timekeeping ensures you’ll always be on time for your next adventure. Made from high-quality materials, this clock is built to last, making it a great gift for someone special or a fun addition to your home d├ęcor. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece to add to your armadillo collection or a quirky accent for your home, this armadillo pendulum clock is sure to be a hit.

Armadillos are armored and awkward creatures of the south. Covered in leathery scales, their stout bodies have built-in protection. They have a unique charm about them and are notoriously shy. This endearing creature makes a stunning wall clock.

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Arlo the Armadillo – Allen Designs – Pendulum Clock

  • Arlo the Armadillo Clock From Allen Designs
  • Sculpted Clock
  • Has a fun pendulum that adds fun movement to every room
  • Designed by Michelle Allen
  • Hand painted
  • 12.8 in H x 2.17 in W x 9.65 in L